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Todd J. Kenner

Chief Executive Officer/President

Bringing over 30 years of experience in the engineering and consulting industry to his role as President and CEO of RESPEC, Todd Kenner is anything but an ordinary corporate leader. He has propelled RESPEC to unprecedented levels, leading the way in market diversification, growth, and overall leadership transition, and doubling revenues and profits. His influence doesn’t end with the financials though; Mr. Kenner’s visionary leadership allows RESPEC’s growth to continue with equal parts evolvement and sustainability through building client relationships, investing in employees’ professional growth, and advancing technical expertise to solve complex problems.  Conscious of his responsibility within the local community, Mr. Kenner also dedicates his time to the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology University Advisory Board, Rapid City Economic Development Foundation, and the Community Health Center of the Black Hills Board.

Philip A. Welling

Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer

Formerly a Vice President of Corporate Accounting and Finance in the healthcare consulting industry, Phil Welling is well-versed in building infrastructure to support rapid business expansion, which greatly serves RESPEC’s recent surge in growth. In addition to his valuable background in the Deltek financial platform, Mr. Welling has worked extensively in the professional services consulting and government contracting industries.

Dale R. Atkinson

Chief Technology Officer

Dale Atkinson’s over 30 years of IT experience grants him insight into complex business processes and he converts his knowledge into basic user requirements for technical and nontechnical stakeholder groups. His unique ability to visualize and articulate solutions has commended him as a trusted advisor for many clients. Dale’s tech savvy is complemented by equally strong communication, ensuring that the necessary internal infrastructure, software, and IT capabilities are available for the company.

Cameron P. Hook

Chief Information Officer

Bringing more than 15 years of experience in technology over a wide range of fields from hands-on troubleshooting and repair to operational oversight, Cameron Hook knows IT. He has progressed from an entry-level technician to project manager to running IT operations at a large hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Mr. Hook’s extensive experience allows for an exceptional ability to maintain and improve current infrastructure and software while keeping an eye on future technology for enterprise improvements.

Samantha L. Lapin

Senior Vice President, Information Technologies

Having represented POD, Inc. as the President and CEO for over 20 years, Sam Lapin provides an exclusive and knowledgeable perspective as Senior Vice President of Information Technologies. She brings a wealth of business accomplishments to this role, including recognition by her peers on numerous accounts for her outstanding achievements. Collaborating with her talented colleagues and working with clients fuels Ms. Lapin’s passion to provide strategic direction for system integration and IT solutions that forward-thinking organizations require to achieve their goals.

Jason Love

Jason T. Love

Senior Vice President, Water & Natural Resources

After more than 15 years of professional engineering experience (10 with RESPEC) and PE licensure in seven states, Jason Love is an expert in watershed modeling; characterizing environmental fate processes of pollutants; and developing, testing, and applying environmental simulation models. He offers technical proficiency, contagious enthusiasm, and an optimistic mindset—all of which contribute to making him an extremely capable, natural leader. As Senior Vice President of Water & Environment,  Mr. Love works tirelessly to assemble a very technically and geographically diverse team of environmental professionals, and he seamlessly incorporates RESPEC’s numerous recent acquisitions into his team’s ongoing projects.

John S. L. Morgan

Senior Vice President, Mining & Energy

Twenty years after founding Morgan Worldwide Consultants, Inc., John Morgan joined RESPEC in 2014, and has since provided the company with his international industry experience in surface and underground mining. Mr. Morgan’s experience is as geographically widespread as it is technically sound, having worked in over two dozen countries outside the United States, as well as in regions within the United States. An engaging and sincere leader, Mr. Morgan invests in his employees by encouraging individual responsibility, while providing hands-on mentorship. In addition to solving complicated client problems with innovation and respect for the environment, he consistently seeks an evolutionary business environment to strengthen RESPEC’s movement towards the future.

Kerry L. DeVries

Vice President

As an expert who began his career with RESPEC over 30 years ago, Kerry DeVries’ professional know-how, positive approach, and collaboration with clients exemplify the very best RESPEC has to offer. His technical expertise and research in mining and geotechnical engineering have helped RESPEC become the preeminent force in the rock- and salt-mechanics field throughout the world. Mr. DeVries leads with a humble confidence and practical mentorship, as he provides oversight for a range of projects involving laboratory rock testing, rock characterization, numerical modeling, solution mining, and design of underground mines and caverns, all while maintaining an inspiring and positive attitude and a genuine concern for his employees.

Leo L. Van Sambeek

Vice President

As the industry’s preeminent leader in rock- and salt-mechanics-related studies, mine-design support, and providing technical expert services to the underground mining and storage industries, Leo Van Sambeek has consulted with more than 20 of North America and Europe’s salt and potash mines in his over 40 years of experience in the field. Although a world-renowned master at engineering sciences, what makes him irreplaceable to RESPEC is the unconventional thinking that serves his technical mastery. Dr. Van Sambeek constantly seeks new ways to solve clients’ problems and dreams up unique, previously unsought solutions. His ingenuity and knack for quick thinking makes him a prime role model for the company’s younger engineers and the inspiration behind RESPEC for generations to come.

Rick R. Moser

Vice President

Rick Moser has 30 years of experience in water-resource planning and design. He has successfully completed many projects, including channel restoration efforts, bridge scour countermeasures, flood control detention facilities, permanent water quality facilities, and highway drainage infrastructure.  He has delivered these projects for numerous local and state government agencies.  A versatile and approachable project manager and team manager, Mr. Moser has provided strong leadership for many internal and external teams.  He brings clear direction and a positive attitude to every aspect of his leadership.

Karla R. Lipp

Corporate Secretary

With the majority of her over 30 years of professional experience at RESPEC, Karla Lipp has a special gift in creating and editing documents and organizing multiple projects. Her keen attention to detail and natural talent for organization ensures that RESPEC’s documents are completed accurately, consistently, and promptly. With her meticulous, detailed nature and education as a Certified Administrative Professional, Ms. Lipp collaborates with RESPEC staff to maintain the highest standards for all documents and to ensure that RESPEC’s clients are more than satisfied with the documents they receive.

Board of Directors

RESPEC has an elected, seven-member Board of Directors that consists of four external members and three internal members. The Board of Directors serve for 3-year term and are elected by the Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) Committee.

  • Todd Kenner, Internal Director, CEO/President
  • Walt Jones, Lead Director, External
  • Jason Love, Internal Director, Senior VP Water & Natural Resources
  • John Morgan, Internal Director, Senior VP Mining & Energy
  • Al Serrano, External Director
  • Marv Truhe, External Director
  • Stephen O'Rourke, External Director