HSPEXP+ is an enhanced expert system to assist modelers in HSPF model application calibration. HSPEXP+ is used to produce plots of HSPF output that are compared to observed values, compute error statistics for a simulation, and provide the user with reports to guide hydrologic and water quality calibration. HSPEXP+ is an open-source project and is available for no cost at RESPEC’s GitHub site.  A detailed description of the individual capabilities of HSPEXP+ is provided at https://www.chijournal.org/C422.


Clients use HSPFEXP+ to:

  • Postprocess HSPF model applications.
  • Generate error statistics, graphs, and reports to assist in hydrology and water quality calibrations.


Image of Anurag Mishra

Anurag Mishra
Project Engineer


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Paul Duda
Project Engineer