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A public education administrative must-have, Operating Budget Management System (OBMS) is a web-based database and data warehouse system that automates every element of budget management.

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Using RESPEC’s Operating Budget Management System (OBMS), public school districts and charter schools can safely submit and efficiently manage their budgets and financials online. OBMS is a web-based database and data warehouse system that was created in collaboration with the New Mexico Public Education Department to manage and coordinate the budgeting process for approximately 125 school districts and charter schools across the state of New Mexico. Roughly one-half of the state’s $6 billion public education budget is actively managed through OBMS.

OBMS consists of a series of modules that use a newly reengineered process to automate the submission and  email notification approval process for school budgets, budget adjustments, actual costs, reimbursements requests, capital outlay, and grants management. OBMS works as a single data repository and includes a set of utilities with role-based security features.  RESPEC continues to provide additional modules and enhancements.


Clients use OBMS to:

  • Provide accountability.
  • Improve operational efficiencies.
  • Save administrative costs and cut administrative time.
  • Reduce slowdowns and disconnects between process steps.
  • Track and trace to enhance reporting.
  • Compare performance between school entities (data and trend analysis).