Project Details

Correcting sediment and bacteria impairments in and around the Belle Fourche River Watershed.

Client: Belle Fourche River Watershed Partnership
Time Span: 2004 - Present
Location: Belle Fourche, South Dakota

The Belle Fourche River in western South Dakota is listed as impaired for excess sediment and E. coli bacteria.  The Belle River Watershed Partnership is a nonprofit watershed group that is focused on restoring the beneficial uses of the Belle Fourche River.  RESPEC has provided technical guidance, written grants, and performed project management in the South Dakota portion of the Belle Fourche River Watershed—from monitoring and assessment through implementation.  A key focus of implementation for this project includes improving on-farm irrigation practices as well as rangeland and riparian management to improve water quality in the Belle Fourche River.  A combination of watershed modeling and geomorphic assessment has been used to aid in guiding the implementation efforts aimed at reaching the restoration goals for this watershed.