Providing project engineering and contractor management support for a planned expansion.

Project Details

Elk Ridge Mining and Reclamation

2016 - 2017

Moffat and Rio Blanco Counties, Colorado

Elk Ridge Mining and Reclamation (Elk Ridge) is planning an expansion to its Collom mining area. The initial access to the project area (located 4 miles northeast of the active Colowyo Mine) was via a two-track, four-wheel-drive dirt road. The expansion includes constructing a 5.5-mile, 100-foot wide access road, a primary crushing facility, and ancillary facilities; designing sediment-control features; performing initial boxcut and overburden stockpile topsoil stripping; and commencing mine development before the first coal production.

RESPEC provided engineering and construction-scheduling assistance in developing the project schedule. This work included identifying the overall project construction sequence as well as the engineering and construction deadlines to achieve the first coal production in January 2019. RESPEC identified several areas of deficiency in the construction schedule and assisted Elk Ridge with engineering and contractor management to solve these deficiencies and bring the project back on schedule.

RESPEC is assisting Elk Ridge with developing Statement of Works (SOWs) and Request for Proposals (RFPs), providing critical evaluation, and selecting contractors for identified construction tasks. RESPEC is also providing contractor management services and valuable insight to project delivery and construction activities. Additionally, RESPEC is tasked with developing and maintaining GIS mapping for the overall project and incorporating internal designs as well as contractor-supplied designs.