We lead emerging technologies. They allow us to look beneath the surface and drill down to what really matters. 

As a world-renowned integrated technology solutions provider, RESPEC’s dynamic team works with international clientele to design and manage large-scale drilling programs, including drilling management, exploration drilling, core logging, and other geological services.  Our drilling management and full-procurement drilling programs offer comprehensive services, from well and casing design for exploration wells to providing experienced engineers to design and complete disposal wells. RESPEC’s distinguished team obtains and compares bids from drilling contractors and service and supply companies. We manage the entire drilling program—from site environmental review survey and construction of locations to acquiring approval for well licenses from regulatory agencies. RESPEC has a strong track record of services to the resource industry with fully compliant drilling programs and an excellent reputation for keeping the client informed.

As an expert in full-procurement drilling, RESPEC efficiently budgets, manages, and operates projects in a variety of commodities with a specialty in potash and salt. Experienced in several full-procurement wells and well types, RESPEC’s experienced team saves clients time and money while upholding the highest standards of safety and quality.

Our temperature- and humidity-controlled core laboratory is a new, secure facility with bright halogen lighting, advanced equipment, and dust-collection systems.  We monitor the laboratory regularly for temperature and humidity so that we can safely store carnallitic or other deliquescent core specimens. Our services include core logging, assay sample selection, and core storage.  Additionally, we provide core table rentals as well as a private investor presentation area.

Core Logging, Exploration Drilling, & Drilling Management Flyer


    • Well and Casing Design for Exploration Wells
    • Bid Management
    • Site Environmental Regulation Review
    • Survey and Construction of  Location
    • Well Licenses From SMER, ERCB, and OGC
    • National Instrument (NI) 43-101 or NI 51-101 Compliant
    • Daily Cost Management and Drilling Reports
    • Certified Wellsite Supervisors
    • Full-Procurement Drilling
  • RESPEC Facilities Include:

    • Materials Testing Laboratory
    • Core Laboratory


Image of Tabetha Stirrett, P.Geo, CPG

Tabetha Stirrett, P.Geo, CPG
Manager, Business Development


Image of Stuart Buchholz

Stuart Buchholz
Manager, Materials Testing