Before we bridge the gap, we map the gap. User-friendly systems and applications that make understanding data easy.

RESPEC is an integrated technology solutions provider that offers customized applications and products for your unique project. Our highly interdisciplinary GIS experts bring a wealth of domain knowledge and technological expertise that spans diverse project types and delivers dramatic results.

Our team comprises GIS open-source and ESRI software application developers, analysts, data modelers, and cartographers.  We use our diverse GIS skills and software to support  federal, state, and local government as well as private business.

Because our technical group understands that many GIS-based applications are mostly used by nontechnical staff, we tailor our products to ensure that your team has the right tools to capture, store, analyze, manage, and present geographic data in a user-friendly environment. In fact, one of our greatest strengths is bridging the gap between GIS technology and other disciplines to offer clients the most innovative solutions.


    • ESRI Software Deployment and Development
    • Open-Source GIS Development
    • Custom Geospatial Applications
    • Geospatial Products
    • GIS Services and Support
    • Spatial Database Development
    • Geospatial Analysis
  • RESPEC Software Capabilities Include:

    • ArcGIS
    • mapFeeder
    • QGIS
    • Fulcrum
    • Python

Geospatial Software & Analysis projects

Learn more about related projects where RESPEC has proven our expertise in this area.

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Benton County Irrigation Scheduler

Creating a web-based application (Irrigation Management Assistant) to help manage irrigation.

Best Management Practices Tracking

Tracking stormwater best management practices using mapFeeder™.

Big Sioux Flood Inundation System

Developing a Flood Inundation System for the Big Sioux River Basin in eastern South Dakota.

Big Sioux River Sediment and Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Load

Developing sediment and bacteria Total Maximum Daily Loads for the Big Sioux River.

Big Sioux Water Quality Trading Project

Assessing the sediment and bacteria impairments in the Central Big Sioux River Watershed and reducing pollution through a water quality trading.

Black Hills Suitability Risk Model

Using GIS to assess risk and guide development-planning decisions.

Cheyenne Municipal Watershed Wildfire Hazard Mitigation

Evaluating potential fire risk and water quality impacts to minimize future water supply system risks.

Coal Creek Rock Creek Master Plan

Accelerating major drainageway planning studies in Colorado.

Contribution-Based Watershed Assessments

Using local watershed data and conditions to derive improvement fees.

Coon Creek Watershed District GIS Support

Providing responsive GIS support to watershed districts.

Decision-Support Tools for Watershed Management

Developing custom tools to interpret model results for watershed management.

Elk Ridge Mining and Reclamation Expansion

Providing project engineering and contractor management support for a planned expansion.

Evaluating Cement Plant Opportunities in Developing Countries

Preparing a Reserve Statement for constructing the Mamba Cement Company Ltd. in Tanzania.

Illinois River Total Maximum Daily Load

Modeling water quality and developing a Total Maximum Daily Load for the Illinois River Watershed.

Middle North Platte Watershed Study

Creating an inventory of water and land resources within a Wyoming watershed.

Minnesota Solar Suitability

Retooling a Minnesota solar suitability app so that users can view the solar potential of their properties.

Missouri River Ecosystem Restoration

Developing and implementing effective planning strategies for the Missouri River.

Montana Map Modernization and Risk MAP

Providing high-quality flood maps and information to minimize threats to life and property.

Source Water Watch

Developing a consumer-based product with substantial geospatial-analysis components.

Spring Creek Watershed Restoration

Keeping streams clean in the Black Hills.

SWMM Stormwater Planning Plug-In for Open Planning Tools

Creating new tools for computing stormwater runoff in urban areas.

SWMM/EPANET User Interface Reengineering

Updating software user interface that is designed to manage input data, drive specialized simulations, and analyze output data that are user-friendly.

Temperature Total Maximum Daily Load Assessment

Supporting aquatic life by defining allowable heat loads and implementation plans for streams in the Black Hills.

Yellow Medicine Project – One Watershed One Plan

Guiding southwest Minnesota partners to develop the next generation of watershed planning for the Yellow Medicine River.
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Geospatial Software & Analysis products

RESPEC’s product line is geared towards making businesses and organizations better, faster, smarter, and safer. Our products benefit clients in need of greater efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

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BASINS integrates environmental data, analysis tools and watershed and water quality models to assist in managing watersheds and developing Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs).


RESPEC’s blastFeeder™ is a geospatial database management tool that reports and tracks every blast by capturing data in the field and syncing to the Cloud.

Hydrologic Simulation Program‑FORTRAN (HSPF)

Hydrologic Simulation Program‑FORTRAN (known as HSPF) is an analytical tool that has applications in planning, designing, and operating water-resources systems. 

Hydrologic Simulation Program–Python (HSP2)

RESPEC’s Hydrologic Simulation Program–Python (HSP2) model uses modern technology to improve upon its predecessor Hydrologic Simulation Program–FORTAN (HSPF) model.

Irrigation Management Assistant (IMA)

RESPEC’s Irrigation Management Assistant (IMA) is a web-based, mobile-friendly, irrigation-scheduling application that reduces the environmental impact of irrigation.


RESPEC’s mapFeeder™ is an interactive mapping software consisting of powerful, user-driven database and map searching capabilities, historic data tracking, and reporting.
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Paul Wickman
Technical Director, GIS

Debra Shewfelt, M.Sc, P.Geo
Director of Workforce Development