We're in the field of being in the field. Our innovative approaches and solutions help clients understand complex water-resource issues.

An industry leader in mining, IT, and water resources, RESPEC uses a proven integrated approach in developing and delivering monitoring plans for biological, chemical, and physical data collection.

When developing water quality monitoring plans, we focus on selecting sites that quantify pollutant loads from tributaries and upland sources. In addition, we consider the timing of data collection to coincide with critical conditions, such as seasonal changes in stream flows and pollutant loads. RESPEC engages emerging technology, models, geospatial information, and hardware to perform cost-effective, credible, and easy-to-comprehend data collection and analyses.  Modeling and statistical analyses are some of the many tools RESPEC uses to help clients understand data gaps to enhance the decision making in developing monitoring plans.

RESPEC prepares reports that summarize results and help identify future water quality monitoring and analysis needs.  Our team is experienced at developing Sampling and Analysis Plans (SAPs) and Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) for approval by state and federal agencies, and we can upload the results into numerous database formats.

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    • Construction Management
    • Construction Inspection
    • Post-Construction Monitoring
    • Sampling and Analyses Plans (SAPs)
    • Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs)
    • Approved for EPA Water Quality Exchange (WQX) Database
    • Statistical Analyses
    • Advanced Technology
    • Geospatial Data Development

Monitoring & Field Services projects

Learn more about related projects where RESPEC has proven our expertise in this area.

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Belle Fourche Irrigation District Siphon Replacements

Providing design and construction administration services for replacing an inverted siphon pipe.

Belle Fourche River Watershed Implementation Project

Correcting sediment and bacteria impairments in and around the Belle Fourche River Watershed.

Best Management Practices Tracking

Tracking stormwater best management practices using mapFeeder™.

Big Sioux Flood Inundation System

Developing a Flood Inundation System for the Big Sioux River Basin in eastern South Dakota.

Big Sioux River Sediment and Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Load

Developing sediment and bacteria Total Maximum Daily Loads for the Big Sioux River.

CDOT Bridge Scour Investigation and Repair

Supporting the Colorado Department of Transportation with flood response and recovery efforts in northern Colorado. 

Clark Fork River Plains Reach Assessment

Identifying restoration alternatives to improve conditions and restore natural channel processes while protecting critical infrastructure and economically important lands.

Dead Run Stream Restoration

Assessing channel conditions in Dead Run Stream and designing stream improvements through McLean Central and Dead Run Stream Valley Parks.

Headframe Monitoring With Video Gauge

Assisting in rehabilitating a hoisting headframe at an underground salt mine.

I&W Brine Cavern

Installing and monitoring an early-warning system for a brine cavern beneath several features including two major highways.

Long Lake Creek Corridor Improvements

Establishing a more natural, sinuous channel and restoring wetlands in an area of a decommissioned wastewater treatment plant.

Lower Gallatin Watershed Restoration Plan

Providing a framework for implementing water quality improvements for sediment, nutrient, and E. coli pollutants on 15 impaired stream segments in the Lower Gallatin Watershed.

Middle North Platte Watershed Study

Creating an inventory of water and land resources within a Wyoming watershed.

Mount Rushmore Rock Block Monitoring System

Maintaining and operating the Rock Block Monitoring System at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial—one of the most iconic landmarks in the US.

Mussel Data Analysis

Assessing and monitoring the condition of a mussel community during construction and operation of a 366-meter navigation lock.

Napoleonville Salt Dome Sinkhole Monitoring

Providing field geoscience services support at a developing sinkhole at a salt dome.

Nutrient Reductions

Helping Minnesota implement its nutrient-reduction strategy and reduce its impact on downstream waters supporting local, state, and international water quality efforts.

Red River of the North Stressor-Response Model

Examining the relationships between the biological community and nutrients in the International Red River Watershed.

Samson Pipeline Release Spill Investigation and Cleanup

Investigating environmental impacts from an oil-and-gas spill.

Slope Stability Monitoring

Developing instrumentation to monitor slope stability near a dry sinkhole.

Snake River Gravel Pit Reclamation

Evaluating and eliminating the public safety hazards and environmental degradation of lands previously disturbed by gravel mining activities.

Spring Creek Watershed Restoration

Keeping streams clean in the Black Hills.

Statewide Water Quality Program Support

Supporting the Colorado Department of Transportation's statewide water quality program.

Story Mill Community Park Stream Restoration

Restoring ecological functions to a riverine system in an urban environment around a community park.

Superfund Performance Monitoring

Evaluating the ecological response to large-scale Superfund remediation of the Upper Clark Fork River Basin in western Montana.

Temperature Total Maximum Daily Load Assessment

Supporting aquatic life by defining allowable heat loads and implementation plans for streams in the Black Hills.

US Highway 24 Fountain Creek and Waldo Canyon

Evaluating damage and mitigation options after devastating fires and severe flooding in Colorado.

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

Providing on-call support for field testing and programming for systems that characterize hydrology and geologic structures.

Water Conservation Belle Fourche Irrigation District

Improving water-use efficiency using an overall water management system.

Water Control Information System

Designing, implementing, and operating an information database to manage a magnitude of data from a mine recording system.
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Monitoring & Field Services products

RESPEC’s product line is geared towards making businesses and organizations better, faster, smarter, and safer. Our products benefit clients in need of greater efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

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Video Gauge™

Imetrum’s Video Gauge™ is a video measurement system that provides measurement versatility far beyond any other technology on the market.
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