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A global leader in rock-mechanics studies and nuclear-waste management, RESPEC is one of the few organizations that provide services in numerical analysis, laboratory testing, and field testing. RESPEC’s repository science services have included software development, constitutive model development, fluid flow modeling, ground-control inspection, procurement document design and preparation, underground drilling supervision, test design development and quality assurance requirements, geomechanical instrumentation installation and maintenance, shaft seal design, data collection and analysis, bulkhead design, and hydrogeologic characterization.

RESPEC’s first project was to perform research related to the geologic disposal of high-level nuclear waste in geologic rock-salt formations. At the time, no overall energy policy existed for the US, and it would be another 5 years before the Department of Energy was created. Between 1972 and 1987, RESPEC was the rock-mechanics contractor for several US government agencies tasked with nuclear waste management and environmental compliance. In addition to disposal in rock salt, RESPEC has also participated in the Yucca Mountain Project and international radioactive waste isolation programs in Canada, Germany, and Sweden.

RESPEC’s involvement with nuclear-waste disposal continues today with technical support to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP). RESPEC personnel have the longest tenure of any contractors at the WIPP site and are considered to be a valuable resource in the nation’s first underground storage site for nuclear waste.

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    • Numerical Analysis
    • Laboratory Testing
    • Software Development
    • Field Testing