When we're between a rock and a hard place, we feel extremely comfortable. We thrive on solving our clients most difficult problems.

As a global leader in rock-salt mechanics, RESPEC’s engineering team is a combined force of integrated backgrounds in geosciences. Our services include on-site core logging and supervision, laboratory testing, rock-mechanics design analyses, field instrumentation, subsidence analysis, subsidence monitoring, and permitting support.

The RESPEC laboratory testing efforts have resulted in a salt strength, quasi-static deformation, and creep deformation database that is larger than any other in the world. We successfully tailor analyses that fit each client’s need and provide advanced modeling through both in-house and commercially available software packages. Our field testing and in situ studies in domal and bedded salts have resulted in developing effective and accurate mathematical models of in situ salt deformation, ground subsidence, and new drilling and instrumentation technologies for salt. These services have been applied to many of the major salt, potash, and trona mines and hydrocarbon storage sites throughout the US, Canada, Europe, South America, and Asia.

  • RESPEC capabilities include:

    • Mechanical Analyses
    • Thermal Analyses
    • Surface Subsidence Analyses
    • Hydrological Analyses
  • RESPEC's computational numerical modeling tools include:

    • FLAC
    • FLAC3D
    • Mathcad
    • TOUGH2
    • PHASE2
    • PRONTO