Oscar Flores Quote

Oscar Flores

Oscar Flores is a valuable part of the RESPEC team. As an Engineer-in-Training with 5 years of experience, he specializes in water resources and public works and is a Certified Floodplain Manager in Texas.

Flores decided to become an engineer because of his math skills and strong interest in construction. “I’ve loved taking things apart and rebuilding them since I was a kid,” he said. For Flores, engineering “felt like the right field to go into.” Challenging projects are what he loves about his work as an engineer because “[it] feels good when you find a solution.”

His dad pushed him after high school with “words of wisdom,” including “If it was easy, anyone would do it” and “If there wasn’t a problem, you wouldn’t have a job to do.” Mr. Flores encourages engineering students to network because “sometimes knowing the right people is more important than knowing the right answer, especially after you graduate.”

“It feels good when you find a solution.”

—Oscar Flores

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