Commercial Development

Collaborating closely with development clients, RESPEC’s civil engineers and hydrology experts advance commercial projects, both public and private, from site evaluation through construction. Our professional engineers are long-time experts in applying the principles of development and construction management.

RESPEC’s team differentiates commercial development from other types of development. Our staff has 30 years of experience in the complexities of commercial projects regarding risks, regulations, permitting, commercial codes, equipment, schedules, contractor selection, stakeholder consensus, safety certifications, accessibility, estimating, and funding protocols.

A trusted civil engineering advisor, RESPEC provides expertise in all phases of development, from feasibility and site analysis, through the design process, and, finally, to permitting for construction. Our technical expertise includes master planning and design, pro forma and feasibility studies, bid analyses, commercial site development, infrastructure planning and design, site grading, drainage design, floodplain analysis, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, development management, and broader water and sewer systems.

At any stage of your project—whether evaluation, design, permitting, or construction—RESPEC is a close partner on commercial and public works projects. We oversee entire construction projects or manage parts of development during the construction window. Experienced in communicating with stakeholders and agencies, we enforce budgets and schedules, meet regulations, fulfill requirements, and comply with code. Experts in the permitting process, our professionals guide projects to avoid delays and changes. RESPEC also provides independent, third-party construction inspection to reduce construction project risks and liability exposures for developers.

RESPEC is a market leader in supporting construction developments, in addition to providing related engineering, environmental, water, and wastewater expertise to the public and private sector. From concept to reality, our engineers have solutions for diverse development challenges.

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