Control Survey

When it comes to starting your land development project, establishing control is a crucial first step. RESPEC surveyors can be your starting point. We’ll begin your project with a control survey, which looks at how your project’s potential boundary lines relate to existing boundaries. If we need to recover control, we’ll work with you to get it done.

RESPEC surveyors use control surveys to set the horizontal and vertical control points in the land. These control points establish a network and framework around which every other step of your project operates. Therefore, we take the time to make sure every point is precise and accurate. Once we establish these control points, you have a unified basis to use for the rest of your project, from planning to construction.

We know control surveys are a foundational start to your infrastructure projects and vital to their lifecycles. Whether you need help with an infrastructure development, assessment, or improvement project, we’re ready to get started.

With control surveys, we also provide:

• Boundary and Lot Surveys
• Cadastral: Bureau of Land Management public land surveys
• Global Navigation Satellite System Control Surveys

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