Right-of-Way Survey

Transportation and utility development projects often span across miles of rural and urban land. As a result, questions over who owns the land and who has the right to use it may arise. With a ROW survey, RESPEC surveyors can help you find the answers. A ROW survey digs into legal property ownership, determines project limitations, and helps create a ROW for your project.

RESPEC surveyors begin a ROW survey with research. We coordinate with local, state, and federal entities to investigate historical land surveys, titles, and acquisition documents. We use this information to determine who has a legal right to use the land. Once legal rights are determined and negotiations occur, our surveyors can use drones or traditional on-the-ground methods to deliver a fast and accurate ROW survey and platting action for the project’s records. Then, property owners, developers, and engineers can work within the scope of the survey and plat to produce a successful outcome for all.

Clients and property owners need to know their land rights for project development. ROW surveys are a vital step. RESPEC is ready to help determine your ROW and provide accurate documentation to keep your projects on track.

With ROW surveys, we also provide:
• Easements
• Subdivision Design Platting
• ALTA Land Title Surveys

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