With over 40 years of experience in salt and potash mines, RESPEC, a global leader in integrated technology solutions, has provided hydrogeology, or mine-inflow expertise, for 26 diverse mine projects around the world. Inflows in salt and potash mines are often very complicated and can pose a threat to mine life. RESPEC is experienced in mitigating all of the ways that mine inflows can occur—in shafts, through drill holes, at active mining faces, and in abandoned areas. Our diverse experience includes hydrogeological characterization, risk analyses, grout well installation and field support, groundwater modeling, geophysical interpretation (including both three-dimensional seismic and microseismic), geomechanical impacts from mine inflows, chemical and geochemical interpretation, and instrumentation.

We provide an interdisciplinary approach to groundwater projects that complements our solid base of hydrogeologic expertise. Accordingly, we can evaluate a proposed site for developing, improving, and protecting groundwater resources using state-of-the-art tools in an efficient and valuable manner. RESPEC staff includes recognized groundwater modeling experts who work domestically and internationally on critical aquifer simulations and assessments. For our studies, we use a wide array of industry-standard modeling tools, including MODFLOW, SUTRA, FEMWATER, MVS, and many other complementary codes. Recently, RESPEC has been the lead groundwater modeler and designer for underground hydrocarbon storage, wellhead protection, and groundwater and surface-water resource modeling for multiple projects.

RESPEC is well-versed in data analysis, which helps to extract as much useful information as possible out of any dataset. We have collective experience in signal processing, machine learning and neural networks, wavelet analysis, statistical methods, and visualization methods for temporal and spatial datasets. We have written applications for jointly interpreting multiple interdisciplinary datasets, including hydraulic pressure, microseismic, tiltmeter, and closure data. RESPEC has been working with microseismic data and interpretation for over 8 years in evaporite mines across North America.

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