RESPEC is a global leader in groundwater modeling and designing for underground, hydrocarbon storage, and wellhead protection as well as groundwater and surface-water resource modeling for multiple applications. Our highly distinguished groundwater modeling experts work both domestically and internationally on critical aquifer simulations and assessments. We also assist municipalities to identify available groundwater rights that could potentially be included in their future water-supply strategies.

RESPEC engineers and scientists use their extensive knowledge of groundwater resource techniques, methods, and models to create specialized approaches for each groundwater resources problem. We develop cost-effective, practical resource evaluation and monitoring programs. Our engineers write groundwater computer programs and design and install field instrumentation for surface water and groundwater.

RESPEC can provide a complete design, analyses, instrumentation, and monitoring package to meet your unique needs. We use a wide array of industry-standard modeling tools, including MODFLOW, SUTRA, TOUGH2, FEM-WATER, and EVS. RESPEC has a proud history of understanding, managing, and protecting water—the resource most critical to the future.

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