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RESPEC’s BRM 101 Training provides clients with a thorough understanding of out-of-the-box Billing & Revenue Management (BRM) capabilities and shows them how to customize the software to fulfill unique business needs.

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Billing and Revenue Management

RESPEC’s BRM 101 Training offers a thorough understanding of out-of-the-box Billing & Revenue Management (BRM) capabilities, and shows clients how to customize the software to fulfill their unique business needs. As an essential element of RESPEC’s BRM products, our BRM 101 Training consists of an overview of the Oracle BRM system architecture and functional components, including pricing, provisioning, charging, customer center, payment processing, general ledger reporting, bill presentment, and taxation.  This beginner course is designed to provide a solid BRM knowledge base that enables business analysts, project managers, and technical team members to perform routine BRM-related operations and enhancements.

RESPEC’s training is structured in a series of modules, and each module covers a key BRM topic. Our developers design all of the courses with a progressive training environment in mind so that participants build on knowledge and capabilities from module to module.  Delivered on site or remotely via the web, RESPEC’s BRM 101 Training modules include lectures, demonstrations, one-on-one discussions, hands-on exercises, and question-and-answer sessions. For those that want in-depth BRM training, RESPEC offers BRM Expert Training, which provides a comprehensive, high-level overview of all BRM 7.5 capabilities.


Clients use BRM 101 Training to:

  • Learn out-of-the-box BRM capabilities
  • Enhance and use BRM knowledge
  • Customize to your business needs
  • Perform routine BRM-related operations and enhancements