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One of RESPEC’s Billing & Revenue Management (BRM) tools, BRM-Mart is an accelerator for creating a robust decision-support environment for companies using Oracle BRM. 

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Billing and Revenue Management

RESPEC’s BRM-Mart is a jumpstart kit for building a data mart from a BRM database. As a Billing & Revenue Management (BRM) tool, BRM-Mart accelerates creating a robust, decision-support environment for companies using Oracle BRM.

BRM-Mart provides approximately 70 percent of the robust, decision-support capabilities that are required by most clients and allows them to easily store, extract, and maintain operational data that are used to report corporate data such as financial, product, sales, and customer data. BRM-Mart reformats and effectively aggregates financial, product, sales, and customer data to show levels of corporate health. At a glance, clients can quickly understand the effectiveness of their sales campaigns, sales force, and general subscriber activities through historical product purchasing analysis.

RESPEC’s BRM-Mart product allows analysts to understand how and how much revenue is being generated.  However, BRM-Mart goes well beyond simple revenue reporting; it analyzes revenue history based upon user-driven criteria, such as region, sales campaign, and product type.  BRM-Mart offers a better understanding of bandwidth-usage characteristics of various customer segments, markets, and other related areas through a bandwidth-usage capability.


Clients use BRM Mart to:

  • Improve management using easily stored, extracted, and maintained data
  • Aggregate financial, product, sales, and customer data
  • Show effectiveness of activities and how revenue is being generated
  • Enhance simple revenue reporting and analyze revenue history
  • Better understand bandwidth usage characteristics