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Used by clients worldwide, RESPEC’s Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Tool is a Custom Development Product that generates accurate quotes and takes orders for technical, highly configurable products.

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RESPEC’s Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) software tool is an integrated solution for manufacturers of complex products.  Our clients use CPQ to generate accurate quotes and take orders for technical, highly configurable products with multiple options. Designed to easily adapt to the specifics of your product quoting needs at any point in the process, RESPEC quickly customizes your CPQ solution by plugging in your unique, specific business rules.

Using the latest open-source technologies, we benefit clients with design flexibility and additional cost savings. By remaining on the cutting edge of open-source software frameworks, RESPEC solves complex problems without requiring costly software purchases.  Clients can apply their savings toward customizing a system exactly how they want it.  Our goal is to end your frustration with awkward packaged solutions that only partially fit your needs.

RESPEC’s team helps client determine the optimal solution.  Clients may need a custom solution if their product configuration has many interdependencies, if the selection of a particular option drives multiple changes to other components, or if dynamic pricing is used based on configuration choices.  As an alternative to a full-scale CPQ solution, we offer a simpler version that also integrates with your existing infrastructure.


Clients use CPQ Tool to:

  • Integrate with existing infrastructure
  • Generate accurate quotes and proposals in a complex manufacturing arena
  • Improve order taking with bill of materials and auto order features
  • Easily express custom solutions with robust rules engine
  • Assist CRM with pricing and option recommendations

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