Product Details

A public education administrative must-have, RESPEC’s EASOL dashboard improves data quality, accessibility and comparability.

RESPEC and EASOL have joined forces to develop open source educational technologies and help educators and school leaders transform teaching and learning. Together, we have joined the Ed-Fi Alliance to build core technologies and develop open source technologies. We emphasize the use of open educational and instructional technologies because we believe that in order to build a stronger, more equitable public education system, we need to level the playing field in terms of cost, access and implementation. We partner with organizations committed to interoperability across platforms, adherence to common data standards, releasing technologies under open source licenses, and incorporating constant educator and student feedback.

To achieve this mission, RESPEC developed the Ed-Fi Real-Time Data Dashboard to address data integration and interoperability challenges that many states face. The Ed-Fi Real-Time Data ecosystem help states efficiently and accurately analyze and report data that enables timely data-based decisions at every level – from the state to the classroom.


Clients use the EASOL Dashboard to:

  • Solve data integration and interoperability issues
  • Create high quality data that is accessible to all stakeholders
  • Streamline and improve the decision making process
  • Cut administrative costs
  • Report and analyze data more proficiently and accurately