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Imetrum’s Video Gauge™ is a video measurement system that provides measurement versatility far beyond any other technology on the market.

Dynamic, high-quality measurements of displacements or strains can be made using Video Gauge™, even in situations that do not allow access or instruments. The heart of Video Gauge™ is the specialized software that allows for high-resolution measurements to be made within video recordings. The software uses pattern-recognition technology that detects minute changes to “target” positions within the video’s field of view. A target is simply a portion of the image that has a visible pattern or texture that the software can detect and track. The user defines the targets—numerous (up to 200) targets can be defined—and any target can be redefined during postprocessing. Each target’s x and y position (and z position if two or more video cameras are used simultaneously) are resolved for each video frame.

Targets can be virtually connected to form extensometers, which can resolve displacement, rotation, and strain between those targets. Sections of the video can also be mapped as a deforming mesh for displacements and normal or shear strains. The analysis is performed either real time during the recording or in postprocessing mode by using the recorded and stored video. Case studies show that Video Gauge™ has measurement resolution and accuracy equivalent or better than conventional instruments or other optical systems on the market.


Clients use Video Gauge™  for:

  • Structural behavior
  • Mechanical integrity
  • Laboratory and component testing
  • Geotechnical monitoring
  • Blast and vibration effects.

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