Aurora Harbor Rebuild

Juneau, Alaska
City and Borough of Juneau

Aurora Harbor is a marina used for rented docking and shore-tie power by commercial boat owners. Phase I of the Aurora Harbor Rebuild project consisted of replacing the southern third of the marina. RESPEC designed shore-tie power distribution, LED lighting, and water pedestal heat trace.

Shore-tie power distribution provided separately metered power pedestals at all boat rentals spaces. All power pedestals are powered from one of two separate power centers, which also provide branch circuits for LED lighting, heat trace, the sewer pump, and other associated electrical loads.

Robust LED luminaires were designed to emit precise lighting along the floats and gangways with minimal light pollution and glare. Photoelectric lighting controls secure power to the LED luminaires during daylight hours.

Heat trace was designed to prevent freezing at water pedestals and aboveground water piping during cold weather. This provides fresh water throughout the renovated section of the harbor all year.

RESPEC completed the design of the Aurora Harbor Rebuild Phase I in March 2014, and construction was completed in summer 2015.