Geothermal Resource Conceptual Models

Integrating disparate datasets to characterize geothermal resources for reducing exploration and development drilling risk.

2009 - Present
New Zealand and Colombia
Mighty River Power, Empresas Públicas de Medellín E.S.P.

Choosing a drill site is one of the most important factors in reducing geothermal resource development risk.  Integrating all available data including geophysical, geochemical, geology, hydrogeology into a geothermal conceptual model is key to characterizing the resource.  Rather than just overlaying data and searching for permeability and thermal anomalies, integrating disparate datasets into a common framework and interpreting geothermal resource distribution adds value by reducing exploration drilling risk. Statistical solutions that quantitatively rank drill targets based on rigorous integration of all available resource data can then be applied.  The developer can effectively prioritize drilling targets with an unbiased transparent methodology.

2. Drilling Exploration