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RESPEC partnered with the City of Castroville to improve water treatment efficiency

Client: City of Castroville, Texas
Time Span: 2018-2019
Location: Castroville

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The proper and efficient treatment of water and wastewater has long been a critical component to the growth and sustainability of any community. The small town of Castroville, Texas, recognized the need for operational improvement in 2016.

In partnership with a local design company, RESPEC’s public infrastructure professionals worked with the City of Castroville, Texas, to improve infrastructure and more than double the capacity of the wastewater treatment facility. RESPEC’s work enables Castroville to achieve their goal of a 0.9 million-gallon-per-day (mgd) permitted average daily flow and a 2.7 mgd design peak 2-hour flow by incorporating new machines and supporting operations.

With Castroville‘s investment of more than $9 million in local infrastructure, Castroville selected RESPEC to assist in managing the construction project. The RESPEC team installed support piping, as well as mechanical, electrical, and administrative items while the plant continued to operate. The improved wastewater treatment plant (completed in February 2019) gives Castroville more flexibility and a higher level of treatment (including increased nutrient removal). Castroville can now choose to use water for farm and ranch irrigation, or safely discharge water into the Medina River.

For more than 3 years, RESPEC has served as the resident project representative to assist Castroville with project delivery, including project construction and documentation for federal passthrough loan funds. RESPEC supports the long-term community vision of Castroville. This charming, historic town anticipates growth and can now provide its citizens with improved service by using these integrated technology and infrastructure solutions that improve water quality, capacity, and delivery.