Latin America Geothermal Development Fund

Providing technical expertise for data evaluation and analysis to optimize reservoir-confirmation wells for geothermal power.

2016 - Present
Washington, DC
IDA Fund Management, LLC.

The Latin America Geothermal Development Fund (LAGDF) is the first multi-donor climate initiative to promote geothermal energy within Latin America. The objective of the LAGDF is to encourage public and/or private investment in geothermal power development in Latin America. The fund will provide for geoscientific surface studies to determine the optimal location of reservoir-confirmation wells at the most promising geothermal prospects and drilling and testing of these wells to assist developers in securing financing for subsequent development phases. RESPEC is part of the fund-management technical evaluation board and is tasked with evaluating project data, resource assessment, reservoir engineering, and exploration well targeting. The fund will launch during fourth quarter of 2016 with the first calls for Expressions of Interest during the first quarter of 2017.

1. Preliminary Reconnaissance and Surface Exploration
2. Drilling Exploration
3. Feasibility Study