Project Details

Client: LG Everist and D&I Railroad
Time Span: 2019
Location: South Dakota

RESPEC’s team has in-depth knowledge of the Big Sioux River Basin in eastern South Dakota. Two recent area projects that RESPEC participated in include a quarry expansion on the floodplain and a disaster-response project to replace a washed-out railroad bridge.

At the Dell Rapids East Quarry, which is owned by L.G. Everist, Inc. (LGE), the company planned to expand the quarry but faced significant challenges that included relocating two creeks and expanding the existing quarry on the Big Sioux River floodplain. RESPEC conducted an initial feasibility study that focused on the water-resources impacts and identified an alternative that would protect the quarry and negligibly impact the 100-year flood elevation. Follow-up collaboration between RESPEC’s Mining & Energy and Water & Natural Resources business units brought valuable elements of mine planning into an optimized solution and sequencing for the expansion.

RESPEC also addressed a major flood-disaster challenge for the South Dakota Department of Transportation railroad line. When record-breaking floods hit in March 2019, an ice jam on the Big Sioux River devastated the Dakota & Iowa (D&I) Railroad Bridge T-648—a 375-foot-long bridge. Bridge T-648 is a vital component of the D&I Railroad and is critical to transporting quarry rock for its owner (LGE). The significant loss of the bridge disrupted business and increased aggregate pricing because LGE’s quarry transport was cut off from its major market base in Sioux City, Iowa. To quickly design the replacement bridge, RESPEC worked closely with Civil Design Inc. in Brookings, South Dakota. RESPEC’s team obtained all of the required permits to finish the expedited construction on schedule. In 4 months, the new bridge was ready for use. RESPEC’s team demonstrated success on the super-rapid disaster response project and proudly served South Dakota and one of its most vital business lifelines.

Our Experts

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Peter Rausch
Water Resource Engineer