South Franklin Dock to Taku Smokeries Seawalk Lighting

Juneau, Alaska
City and Borough of Juneau

RESPEC participated in the design of a new seawalk from one of the cruise ship docks toward the Juneau town center. The seawalk includes several features that incorporate different lighting characteristics. All of the luminaires use LED light engines with 3500K and 4000K color temperatures.

The seawalk originates at the cruise ship dock, passing beneath a translucent canopy. Native totemic art is included with some of the canopy panels. This area is illuminated by small marker lights with narrow beams mounted into the canopy support structure, which provide lines of light across the walkway. The objective in this area is to direct the light downward in a relatively tight pattern to allow the canopy panels with totemic art to silhouette against the evening sky without distractive artificial light.

A wide area between the covered portion of the seawalk and the gift shop contains garden planters, sitting benches, and small spurs leading landward to a bus parking area. Marker lights are encased in the concrete walls surrounding the planters and supporting the benches. This project lights the walkways in this area.

Straight round poles supporting decorative, period-style luminaires are located on the water side of the walkway and illuminate the pathway from the canopy to the far end of the project space. These luminaires are a cutoff type that project most of their light directly to the walkway deck. The intent is to facilitate viewing from the seawalk out over the waterfront without objectionable artificial light. The poles include brackets for supporting decorative flags in the summer.