RESPEC Announces Awards Bestowed on Our Reno Office Founders, Neil & Cami Prenn

RESPEC joins with the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) to celebrate Neil and Cami Prenn’s lifetime achievements in the mining industry. Yesterday, SME awarded Neil with a Charles F. Rand Memorial Gold Medal and Cami with a Mining & Exploration Distinguished Service Award. Their successes are well-deserved, and their impact is far-reaching. 

“I’m still reeling from the announcement,” said Neil. “I don’t know why SME selected me for the Gold Medal. I just did the best I could throughout my career to support my clients and employees.” Even if Neil is surprised, RESPEC is not. From modeling resources and optimizing mine designs to providing an environment that enabled a team with remarkable talent to thrive, Neil has had many accomplishments. 

His career stemmed from his childhood interest in minerals, which led him to the Colorado School of Mines. After graduating in 1967, one job led to another, which led to another. Each one required Neil to blend technology with feasibility studies and mining operations. Along the way, he met and married Cami. In 1987, they founded Mine Development Associates, which RESPEC acquired in January 2019. Together, they built the Reno Office slowly through professional connections and excellent services. 

Like Neil, Cami was caught off guard by SME honoring her. “With my background, I often served as a treasurer or on philanthropic foundations that support geology education,” she said. “I tried to help out where and how I could, and I’m glad to know I made a difference.” Cami ran the Reno Office, evolving its business functions over the years. 

Their expertise was highly sought-after, and RESPEC respected Neil and Cami’s work. Upon discovering the strength of their culture, RESPEC knew uniting with them served everyone well—employees, clients, markets, and projects. Our values aligned, and the Reno Office fit the RESPEC PACT: Passion, Accountability, Caring, Teamwork.  

“During the short period I have known Neil and Cami, I can say with no hesitation they have had phenomenal careers and could not be more deserving of the honors SME bestowed on them,” said John Morgan, RESPEC’s Senior Vice President of Mining & Energy. “While Neil and Cami’s legacy includes all the mining projects they helped bring to production, it’s evident their biggest legacy is mentoring many professionals to achieve excellence.” 

Please join RESPEC in congratulating Neil and Cami Prenn on their SME awards! 

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