RESPEC Preserves Little-Known Stories about Salt Mining in America

Rapid City, SD—RESPEC announced the publication of a third volume in its “Mine History and Technology Development Series,” a compilation of white papers on the historical development of salt-related industries in the USA. Volume 3 includes a recently completed 79-page paper by authors Dr. William Goodman and Ms. Crystal Hocking, titled, “Anthony F. Lucas: America’s First Great Salt Dome Explorationist and His Role in the Development of the Louisiana Salt Mining Industry.”

Croatian-born petroleum engineer, Anthony Francis Lucas, is most famous for his 1901 oil strike on the Spindletop Dome in Beaumont, Texas. Before that watershed moment in developing the US petroleum industry, Lucas helped pioneer mining engineering and exploration of the southern Louisiana salt domes. Between 1893 and 1900, his work at Avery Island, Jefferson Island, Belle Isle, Weeks Island, and Anse La Butte laid the foundation for significantly expanding the salt mining industry in Louisiana. In addition to Lucas’ efforts, this volume includes summaries of early dome exploration and salt development efforts by others at the start of the 20th century.

These historical booklets are available to employees and the public for a minimal fee. If you would like to obtain copies of this series, in whole or in part, please contact RESPEC’s Laura Fairhead (email). The cost of a digital copy is $15.00 per booklet.
For a printed spiral-bound copy, $40.00 per booklet, shipping included.

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