RESPEC Releases HSPEXP+2.0 on GitHub

Mountain View, CA. RESPEC is pleased to announce the latest version of its water resources applications software, HSPEXP+ 2.0, now available free of charge on HSPEXP+ stands for “an Enhanced Expert System for Calibration of HSPF.”

Supported by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency through its Clean Water Fund, the latest release of HSPEXP+ 2.0 is used by hydrology professionals as a comprehensive analytical tool for hydrologic and water quality calibration, quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC), analysis, and scenario comparisons for HSPF models.

RESPEC’s HSPEXP+ 2.0 is a major software upgrade with new features that include constituent reports for organic material simulated as biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), heat, dissolved oxygen, and general quality (GQUAL) constituents like metals and indicator bacteria, in addition to the water, sediment, total nitrogen, and total phosphorus reports. Reports and graphs for additional constituents will assist modelers in obtaining better insights for their models. These additional reports can be used to conduct efficient quality assurance and quality control of a Hydrologic Simulation Program-FORTRAN (HSPF) model.

RESPEC also introduced a new feature highlight, Multi Simulation Manager, in HSPEXP+2.0. Using Multi Simulation Manager, a modeler can provide multiple parameter values ahead of time and conduct thousands of model simulations without constant user intervention. Multi Simulation Manager can be used to conduct sensitivity analysis, uncertainty analysis, scenario selection, and model calibration.

RESPEC’s HSPEXP+ 2.0 replicates most of the functionality of HSPEXP, and provides several additional reports and an advanced graphing functionality to assist a modeler in obtaining meaningful insights about the model on an overall basis, as well as on an operation-by-operation basis.

Like its predecessor, HSPEXP+ 2.0 is an open-source project and is made available free of charge at RESPEC’s GitHub site. Hosted on YouTube for easier accessibility, RESPEC technical training videos demonstrate the capabilities of HSPEXP+2.0.
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How important is HSPEXP+ 2.0? It’s enormously important, according to Dr. Chuck Regan of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Regan offers a humorous historical perspective, saying, “First, the Big Bang brought the universe into existence. Second, a bunch of stuff happened. And third, HSPEXP+ was released.”

Initially, HSPEXP was the result of a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) project to create an expert system to assist with the calibration of a watershed model. Building on the USGS HSPEXP software from 2002, RESPEC first released HSPEXP+1.0 in February 2015, and later released Version HSPEXP+ 1.32 in March 2017 to assist modelers in conducting hydrology and water quality calibration of watershed models developed using HSPF.

A case study for the example application of HSPEXP+ was conducted and published by RESPEC’s Dr. Anurag Mishra. The study titled, “HSPEXP+: An Enhanced Expert System for HSPF Model Calibration—A Case Study of the Snake River Watershed in Minnesota,” is a detailed description of the individual capabilities of HSPEXP+. LINK:

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