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Proud of our cutting-edge technology and modeling methodologies, RESPEC develops 3D earth models to support many of its clients in potash exploration, salt dome storage, and resources characterization.  Our service areas include environmental and groundwater modeling, geomechanical and mining engineering, and geothermal resource assessment and reservoir modeling. To facilitate storage cavern permitting and engineering, our professionals assess complex spatial relationships between existing caverns, dome edges and overhangs, caprock, internal shear zones, and new cavern sites. We help clients effectively prioritize drilling targets (from best to worst) with an unbiased, transparent methodology. To better suit future drilling operations, we use leading-edge interpolation techniques and predictive algorithms.

RESPEC uses many different platforms and software packages to offer clients tailored solutions to difficult spatial problems.  Our highly qualified, multidisciplinary experts interpret and integrate your disparate datasets into a consistent model.  RESPEC offers our clients unique and cost-effective solutions from coupling machine-learning algorithms to traditional geostatistical techniques, to 3D-printing physical representations for enhanced stakeholder communication.

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    • 3D Data Integration and Conceptual Modeling
    • 3D/4D Data Visualization
    • Geophysical Data Analysis
    • Resource Assessments and Due Diligence
    • Environmental Data Analysis
    • Geostatistical and Machine Learning Interpretation
    • 3D Conceptual Model Printing
  • RESPEC software capabilities include: 

    • Earth Volumetric Studios
    • Vulcan
    • Surpac
    • Kingdom
    • ArcGIS
    • MatLab

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Founded in 1969, RESPEC is a global leader in geoscience, engineering, data, and integrated technology solutions for major industry sectors.

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Mining & Energy

Global leaders in geoscience and engineering with comprehensive integrated technology solutions for safety, productivity, and peak efficiency.
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3D Subsurface Geology Visualization in the Appalachian Basin

Synthesizing subsurface geology data to generate three-dimensional models to support the visualization of geology at underground mining operations, from the core hole to the region
Image for 3D Subsurface Geology Visualization in the Appalachian Basin

Buffalo Coal Litigation

Evaluating the reclamation liabilities of Buffalo Coal Company and its future mining operations during bankruptcy proceedings.
Image for Buffalo Coal Litigation

Cavern Roof Stability for Natural-Gas Storage Caverns in Bedded Salt

Developing a design criterion to assess and prevent roof collapse in natural-gas storage caverns in bedded salt.
Image for Cavern Roof Stability for Natural-Gas Storage Caverns in Bedded Salt

Cemex Black Mountain Quarry

Preparing a geologic block model using Gemcon-Surpac software, pit plan, and detailed mine plan.
Image for Cemex Black Mountain Quarry

Cemex Limestone Quarry

Evaluating the feasibility of changing the extraction method from surface to underground mining at a limestone quarry.
Image for Cemex Limestone Quarry

Clanton Classic Stone

Providing business and engineering services to Clanton Classic Stone that aided in its development of an economically successful marble quarry in northwest Alabama.
Image for Clanton Classic Stone

Crater of Diamonds

Preparing a Request for Proposal for a feasibility study to solicit interest from mining companies to participate in mining of reserve construction management services.
Image for Crater of Diamonds

Due  Diligence for Mining Merger

Performing due diligence for the potential purchase of divested assets related to a merger of mining companies.
Mining Site Aerial View

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Determining the feasibility of consolidating granite quarrying and processing facilities as part of an industry rationalization in the Ukraine.
Image for European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Evaluating Cement Plant Opportunities in Developing Countries

Preparing a Reserve Statement for constructing the Mamba Cement Company Ltd. in Tanzania.
Image for Evaluating Cement Plant Opportunities in Developing Countries

Geomechanical Evaluation of Brine Production Caverns in a Gulf Coast Salt Dome

Conducting a geomechanical investigation to determine if mining operations in closely spaced caverns could continue to be mined safely.
Image for Geomechanical Evaluation of Brine Production Caverns in a Gulf Coast Salt Dome

Hilltop Dayton Property Evaluation

Developing a resource evaluation and mine plan for three sand-and-gravel operations.
Image for Hilltop Dayton Property Evaluation

Historical Well Control for Salt Dome Structural Mapping

Geospatial well control for salt dome structural contour mapping.
Image for Historical Well Control for Salt Dome Structural Mapping

Interburden Thickness Evaluation

Developing multilevel mining solutions.
Image for Interburden Thickness Evaluation

Jurong Rock Storage Caverns

Performing various hydrological tests and modeling to provide support for an underground storage cavern facility.
Image for Jurong Rock Storage Caverns

Lappeenranta Finnsementti Resource Review

Evaluating ways to increase limestone supply from the Nordkalk Quarry to match demand at the recently expanded Finnsementti cement factory.
Image for Lappeenranta Finnsementti Resource Review

My Home Industries

Assisting CRH in the due-diligence review of the limestone quarries associated with a cement factory.
Image for My Home Industries

Parainen Finnsementti Resource Review

Assisting CRH in its review of the Nordkalk Quarry operations to improve long-term future planning.
Image for Parainen Finnsementti Resource Review

Patriot Hobet 45 Mine Planning and Permitting

Assisted Patriot Coal in the analysis of a pending 404 permit.
Image for Patriot Hobet 45 Mine Planning and Permitting

Potash Resource Estimation

Estimating resources using geological models constructed from drillhole data.
Image for Potash Resource Estimation

Quarry Valuation for Hilltop Stone

Assisting Hilltop Stone in the due-diligence effort associated with evaluating a limestone mine acquisition in Pendleton County, Kentucky.
Image for Quarry Valuation for Hilltop Stone

Quarry Valuation for Sterling Materials

Developing a detailed valuation of a Greenfield limestone mine.
Image for Quarry Valuation for Sterling Materials

Salt Damage Criterion Proof-of-Concept Research

Demonstrating the use of a new design criterion based on salt damage to determine the minimum gas pressure for storing natural gas in salt caverns.
Image for Salt Damage Criterion Proof-of-Concept Research

Salt Dome and Cavern Models

Developing three-dimensional models of salt domes to support valuation, permitting, location optimization, and subsidence estimations.
Image for Salt Dome and Cavern Models

Sylacauga Marble Quarry

Evaluating and reviewing the performance of a stone quarry while offering advice and mine planning services.
Image for Sylacauga Marble Quarry

Unsuitable Environmental Impact Statement

Preparing an Environmental Impact Statement for a Lands Unsuitable Petition in Tennessee.
Image for Unsuitable Environmental Impact Statement

Zhuhai Rock Storage Caverns

Conducting hydrogeologic modeling and providing support for storage caverns in mountainous granite.
Image for Zhuhai Rock Storage Caverns
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RESPEC Acquires North Rim Exploration

By acquiring North Rim, RESPEC broadens its technical expertise in the mining and energy sectors, while expanding services to its Canadian client base.
Image for RESPEC Acquires North Rim Exploration
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