Managing the future, you’ll need a team that knows the flow.

From large irrigation districts to individual farms, RESPEC has extensive experience in rangeland and cropland water development and management.  We guide agricultural producers to address critical challenges of water management, including irrigation operation and delivery as well as rangeland management. All developed solutions consider impacts to water quality and quantity while keeping the producer’s bottom line in mind. RESPEC’s professional team is highly reputed for grazing management as well as irrigation assessment, design, flow monitoring, structural and operational improvements, irrigation automation, modeling, and support-software development. We are experts in every aspect of managing agricultural watersheds with both irrigated and dryland farming and ranching operations.

Our interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers brings unprecedented levels of combined knowledge and experience in irrigation water management; monitoring data collection and analysis; custom water management, decision-support system development; and agricultural stakeholder involvement as well as strong agricultural backgrounds related to hydrologic analysis and water management. RESPEC also has extensive experience with developing hydrologic models in agricultural watersheds to assess water availability and pollutant sources.  At the watershed level, RESPEC conducts best management practices (BMPs) planning for water quantity and quality and designs site-specific BMPs to optimize environmental benefits while considering operational and economic constraints.

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    • Irrigation Water Management
    • Hydrologic Analysis
    • BMP Design and Implementation
    • Watershed Implementation Management
    • Watershed Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)
    • Monitoring Data Collection and Analysis
    • Stakeholder Relations
    • Public Outreach Education
    • Grant-Writing Services

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Founded in 1969, RESPEC is a global leader in geoscience, engineering, data, and integrated technology solutions for major industry sectors.

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Water & Environment

World-class water experts, smart technology, and sustainable water management solutions that protect natural resources.
Stormwater Management, Drainage Analyses, Channel Restoration Design and Construction
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RESPEC’s product line is geared towards making businesses and organizations better, faster, smarter, and safer. Our products benefit clients in need of greater efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

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BASINS integrates environmental data, analysis tools and watershed and water quality models to assist in managing watersheds and developing Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs).
Image for BASINS


Advanced five-day trainings by experts in BASINS/HSPF, the major software tools for watershed and TMDL assessments in the US and around the world.
Image for BASINS/HSPF Training


HSPEXP+—An enhanced expert system for calibration of HSPF.
Image for HSPEXP+ 

Hydrologic Simulation Program‑FORTRAN (HSPF)

Hydrologic Simulation Program‑FORTRAN (known as HSPF) is an analytical tool that has applications in planning, designing, and operating water-resources systems. 
Beautiful summer landscape mountain lake Russia Siberia Altai mountains Katun ridge.

Hydrologic Simulation Program–Python (HSP²)

RESPEC’s Hydrologic Simulation Program–Python (HSP²) model uses modern technology to improve upon its predecessor Hydrologic Simulation Program–FORTAN (HSPF) model.
Colorado River In Glenwood Canyon

Irrigation Management Assistant (IMA)

RESPEC’s Irrigation Management Assistant (IMA) is a web-based, mobile-friendly, irrigation-scheduling application that reduces the environmental impact of irrigation.
agriculture irrigation machine on a farm field


RESPEC’s mapFeeder™ is an interactive mapping software consisting of powerful, user-driven database and map searching capabilities, historic data tracking, and reporting.
World Map

SARA Load Reduction Tool  

SARA Load Reduction Tool — Allowing users to determine the constituent load reductions needed to reach water quality standards in model reaches within a watershed.
Image for SARA Load Reduction Tool  

SARA TS Utility  

SARA Timeseries Utility supports the analysis and management of time-varying environmental data.
Image for SARA TS Utility  

Scenario Application Manager (SAM)

RESPEC’s HSPF Scenario Application Manager (SAM) is a comprehensive decision-support tool for planning and implementing targeted actions to restore or protect water quality.
Waterfall and river on the Black Sea region in Turkey.
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Related Projects

Learn more about related projects where RESPEC has proven our expertise in this area.

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Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority

Providing ongoing engineering support for ACWWA’s water and wastewater activities and supporting their water-rights portfolio.
Stormwater Management, Drainage Analyses, Channel Restoration Design and Construction

Belle Fourche Irrigation District Siphon Replacements

Providing design and construction administration services for replacing an inverted siphon pipe.
Image for Belle Fourche Irrigation District Siphon Replacements

Belle Fourche River Watershed Implementation Project

Correcting sediment and bacteria impairments in and around the Belle Fourche River Watershed.
Image for Belle Fourche River Watershed Implementation Project

Benton County Irrigation Scheduler

Creating a web-based application (Irrigation Management Assistant) to help manage irrigation.
Sprinklers on a farm at sunset.

Best Management Practices Tracking

Tracking stormwater best management practices using mapFeeder™.
Image for Best Management Practices Tracking

Big Sioux River Sediment and Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Load

Developing sediment and bacteria Total Maximum Daily Loads for the Big Sioux River.
Image for Big Sioux River Sediment and Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Load

Big Sioux Water Quality Trading Project

Assessing the sediment and bacteria impairments in the Central Big Sioux River Watershed and reducing pollution through a water quality trading.
Image for Big Sioux Water Quality Trading Project

Cape Fear River Watershed Model

Developing a Soil and Water Assessment Tool model to improve water quality in the Cape Fear River Watershed.
Image for Cape Fear River Watershed Model

Contribution-Based Watershed Assessments

Using local watershed data and conditions to derive improvement fees.
Image for Contribution-Based Watershed Assessments

Decision-Support Tools for Watershed Management

Developing custom tools to interpret model results for watershed management.
Image for Decision-Support Tools for Watershed Management

Hill Ranch Water-Rights Acquisition

Providing technical support and expert testimony to guide water rights changes in the Colorado water court process.
Image for Hill Ranch Water-Rights Acquisition

Middle North Platte Watershed Study

Creating an inventory of water and land resources within a Wyoming watershed.
Image for Middle North Platte Watershed Study

Nutrient Reductions

Helping Minnesota implement its nutrient-reduction strategy and reduce its impact on downstream waters supporting local, state, and international water quality efforts.
Image for Nutrient Reductions

Red River of the North Stressor-Response Model

Examining the relationships between the biological community and nutrients in the International Red River Watershed.
Image for Red River of the North Stressor-Response Model

Water Conservation Belle Fourche Irrigation District

Improving water-use efficiency using an overall water management system.
Image for Water Conservation Belle Fourche Irrigation District
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RESPEC’s corporate newsroom features stories of success, expansion, innovation, strategy, and community impact.

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Flat Rock Geographics Joins RESPEC

By acquiring Flat Rock Geographics, RESPEC continues to integrate technology into the water, mining, and energy markets to better serve clients.
Image for Flat Rock Geographics Joins RESPEC

RESPEC Acquires Moser Engineering

RESPEC made a key market investment in Denver, Colorado, through the acquisition of Moser & Associates Engineering.
Image for RESPEC Acquires Moser Engineering

HSP² Tutorials Released

RESPEC Launches Online HSP² Tutorials in a Collaborative Approach to Protect the World’s Water.
Image for HSP² Tutorials Released

RESPEC Opens San Antonio Office

Continuing a strategic market expansion in San Antonio, Texas.
Image for RESPEC Opens San Antonio Office

RESPEC Tests “Farmers Friend,” New Soil Moisture Sensor

Simple, Affordable Solution Manages Water Balance.
Image for RESPEC Tests “Farmers Friend,” New Soil Moisture Sensor

RESPEC Welcomes Montana Talent

New Montana talent expands RESPEC's geographic footprint and strengthens our integrated solutions for natural resource development, water resources, and environmental restoration.
Montana Scenery

RESPEC Welcomes WRC Engineering

By acquiring WRC Engineering, RESPEC diversifies its service offerings in water rights and water and wastewater engineering.
Image for RESPEC Welcomes WRC Engineering
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