Well Design that's well designed.

By collaborating closely with our clients to meet their needs, RESPEC develops well designs that focus on reducing costs while achieving the desired injection capacity.  Our engineers use current drilling and completion technology to maximize injection rates, and our geological experts evaluate geological formations to identify drill locations for optimum injection rates.  RESPEC has established excellent relationships with drilling and service companies to provide accurate Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) cost estimates associated with our designs.

RESPEC’s drilling team coordinates all services related to licensing for drilling and completions for the operator. We perform land surveys, lease acquisitions, environmental and heritage assessments, disposal applications, and well license applications.  Our team submits your application to the government for approval to construct and operate a disposal well.

RESPEC has a qualified pool of subcontractors from whom we solicit bids for our clients. We also help manage subcontractor costs, approve invoices, and resolve any billing discrepancies for you.  RESPEC has a strong reputation for keeping our clients informed throughout the project's lifespan.

RESPEC well specialists evaluate poor-performing disposal wells to identify performance issues.  After the assessment, our team coordinates and implements simulations, from the cost estimate to field implementation.  We help operators maximize injection rates to reduce further capital exposure.

Disposal Well Analyses Flyer


    • Disposal Well Design
    • Project and Drilling Management
    • Licensing, Permitting, and Regulatory Requirements
    • Well Testing, Simulation, and Troubleshooting