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A global leader in environmental solutions, RESPEC’s energy focus includes geothermal exploration and development.  We support the geothermal industry in conceptual and numerical modeling of existing geothermal fields, new field development, and geothermal exploration.   RESPEC leads its strategic alliances in providing GIS services, geothermal reservoir modeling for feasibility studies and reservoir engineering, and well testing and analyses.   Clients benefit from our expertise in conceptual modeling and computer simulation that involve synthesizing conflicting models, providing opinions, and interpolating and extrapolating disparate data.

Founded in 1969, RESPEC excels in advanced computer simulation applied to geoscience problems with expertise in fluid, thermal, and geomechanical modeling. We support geothermal projects including early-stage data visualization, stochastic analyses, three-dimensional data visualization, well testing and analyses, environmental permitting, water-rights support, subsidence monitoring, modeling and analyses, and high-temperature materials testing. From initial exploration to constructing a power plant and ensuring continued reliable energy production, RESPEC helps clients each step of the way.

RESPEC‘s strategic alliance with the Dewhurst Group was designed to provide comprehensive services from early-stage exploration to “bankable” technical feasibility studies. When partnering with Thermochem Inc. and Power Engineers Inc., we offer a complete geothermal power-generation design team.


    • Resource Assessment
    • Reservoir Engineering
    • Geothermal Well Testing
    • Numerical Reservoir Simulation
    • Due Diligence Support
    • Bankable Feasibility Studies
    • Exploration Analysis and Well Placement
  • RESPEC software capabilities include:

    • Earth Volumetric Studio
    • TOUGH2
    • MatLab
    • GoldSIM
    • ArcGIS

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Department of Energy Awards RESPEC Part of $7 Million in Research Funding of Geothermal Energy Technologies

RESPEC, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory will partner on research studies to improve the understanding of geothermal fields.
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RESPEC, Dewhurst, and Geothermal Energy

RESPEC is leading the way in new industries through partnerships with other great companies.
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