Managing A Mine's Future, you need a team that knows the flow.

With over 25 years of experience in salt and potash mines, RESPEC, a global leader in integrated technology solutions, has provided hydrogeology or mine inflow expertise for 26 diverse mine projects around the world.  Mine inflows in salt and potash mines are often very complicated and can pose a threat to mine life. RESPEC is experienced in mitigating all of the ways mine inflows can occur—in shafts, through drill holes, at active mining faces, or in abandoned areas.

Our diverse experience includes hydrogeological characterization, risk analysis, inflow mitigation, observation and grout well installation and field support, groundwater modeling, geophysical interpretation (including both three-dimensional seismic and microseismic), geomechanical impacts from mine inflows, chemical and geochemical interpretation, and instrumentation.

RESPEC also designs, installs, models, and monitors disposal wells for mill and mine inflow water.  For studies, we use a wide array of industry-standard modeling tools, including MODFLOW, AQTESOLV, MATLAB, and many other complementary codes.  We develop customized databases and interfaces to manage and interpret data and voluminous datasets easily.  RESPEC team members are experts in data analysis and statistics by extracting as much useful information as possible out of any dataset.

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Founded in 1969, RESPEC is a global leader in geoscience, engineering, data, and integrated technology solutions for major industry sectors.

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Mining & Energy

Global leaders in geoscience and engineering with comprehensive integrated technology solutions for safety, productivity, and peak efficiency.
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Water & Environment

World-class water experts, smart technology, and sustainable water management solutions that protect natural resources.
Stormwater Management, Drainage Analyses, Channel Restoration Design and Construction
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Class 1 injection Well Groundwater Modeling

Defining the extents of a density-driven plume in support of permitting a proposed Class 1 injection well. 
Image for Class 1 injection Well Groundwater Modeling

Geomechanical Evaluation of Brine Production Caverns in a Gulf Coast Salt Dome

Conducting a geomechanical investigation to determine if mining operations in closely spaced caverns could continue to be mined safely.
Image for Geomechanical Evaluation of Brine Production Caverns in a Gulf Coast Salt Dome

Greenfield Canadian Potash

Analyzing geomechanical and hydrogeological properties for a greenfield mine operation.
Potash yielding Ore

Potash Corporation Project

Completing a disposal well to yield some of the highest brine injections rates encountered for potash mine wells.

Water Control Information System

Designing, implementing, and operating an information database to manage a magnitude of data from a mine recording system.
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Zhuhai Rock Storage Caverns

Conducting hydrogeologic modeling and providing support for storage caverns in mountainous granite.
Image for Zhuhai Rock Storage Caverns
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Brad Chase
Project Engineer

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Christopher Johnson
Manager, Hydrogeology & Data Modeling