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As a global leader in rock-salt mechanics, RESPEC’s engineering team is a combined force of integrated backgrounds in geosciences. Our services include on-site core logging and supervision, laboratory testing, rock-mechanics design analyses, field instrumentation, subsidence analysis, subsidence monitoring, and permitting support.

The RESPEC laboratory testing efforts have resulted in a salt strength, quasi-static deformation, and creep deformation database that is larger than any other in the world. We successfully tailor analyses that fit each client’s need and provide advanced modeling through both in-house and commercially available software packages. Our field testing and in situ studies in domal and bedded salts have resulted in developing effective and accurate mathematical models of in situ salt deformation, ground subsidence, and new drilling and instrumentation technologies for salt. These services have been applied to many of the major salt, potash, and trona mines and hydrocarbon storage sites throughout the US, Canada, Europe, South America, and Asia.

  • RESPEC capabilities include:

    • Mechanical Analyses
    • Thermal Analyses
    • Surface Subsidence Analyses
    • Hydrological Analyses
  • RESPEC's computational numerical modeling tools include:

    • FLAC
    • FLAC3D
    • Mathcad
    • TOUGH2
    • PHASE2
    • PRONTO

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Founded in 1969, RESPEC is a global leader in geoscience, engineering, data, and integrated technology solutions for major industry sectors.

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Mining & Energy

Global leaders in geoscience and engineering with comprehensive integrated technology solutions for safety, productivity, and peak efficiency.
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Rock Instrumentation

RESPEC’s product line features simple, rugged rock mechanics instruments that measure excavation performance, monitor potentially unstable ground, and ensure safer access.
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Appalachia’s First Multi-Cycle Natural Gas Storage System

Evaluating chilled natural-gas storage in bedded salt storage caverns.
Bedded Salt

Cavern Roof Stability for Natural-Gas Storage Caverns in Bedded Salt

Developing a design criterion to assess and prevent roof collapse in natural-gas storage caverns in bedded salt.
Image for Cavern Roof Stability for Natural-Gas Storage Caverns in Bedded Salt

DUSEL Geotechnical Study

Providing geotechnical services to understand rock properties for transitioning Homestake Mine to the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL) facility.
Big Data Migration Tool

Greenfield Canadian Potash

Analyzing geomechanical and hydrogeological properties for a greenfield mine operation.
Potash yielding Ore

Historical Well Control for Salt Dome Structural Mapping

Geospatial well control for salt dome structural contour mapping.
Image for Historical Well Control for Salt Dome Structural Mapping

I&W Brine Cavern

Installing and monitoring an early-warning system for a brine cavern beneath several features including two major highways.
Image for I&W Brine Cavern

Long-Term Ground Control in Critical Areas

Evaluating the functional life of ground support.
Image for Long-Term Ground Control in Critical Areas

Moss Bluff Cavern Blowout

Collaborating to evaluate gas velocity from a cavern to the surface to determine the duration of a blowout from a major gas release and fire.
Image for Moss Bluff Cavern Blowout

NYSEG Compressed Air Energy Storage

Design of a salt cavern for compressed air energy storage at Seneca Lake, NY

Researching Opportunities in Shale

Evaluating shales and other fine-grain materials for nuclear-waste disposal potential using numerical models and analytical solutions.
Image for Researching  Opportunities in Shale

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Roof Hazard Rating System

Designing a roof hazard rate system for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant.
Image for Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Roof Hazard Rating System
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RESPEC Acquires North Rim Exploration

By acquiring North Rim, RESPEC broadens its technical expertise in the mining and energy sectors, while expanding services to its Canadian client base.
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RESPEC Preserves Little-known Stories about Salt Mining in America

RESPEC announced the publication of a third volume in its “Mine History and Technology Development Series,”.
Image for RESPEC Preserves Little-known Stories about Salt Mining in America
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