We put rocks to the test.

With a world-renowned geological team, RESPEC’s specialized rock testing and research support the complete characterization of a rock’s physical composition as well as its mechanical, hydrological, and thermal behavior to provide clients and engineering analysts with the properties data they need.

Our state-of-the-art Materials Testing Laboratory and facilities have over 10,000 square feet of monitored, secure, and environmentally controlled floor space to ensure accurate data when preparing samples and testing rock.  We conduct standardized testing according to the methods recommended by ASTM International, the International Society of Rock Mechanics, and the American Petroleum Institute.

Our laboratory team uses sophisticated equipment that accurately simulates complex in situ stress and temperature conditions. Since 1969, our Materials Testing Laboratory has customized its testing capabilities and services to meet the unique needs of our diverse national and international clients that include government agencies, national laboratories, architectural and engineering firms, mining companies, and the oil-and-gas industries.

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    • Thermal Properties Measurements
    • Mechanical and Hydrological Properties Measurements
    • Rock/Fluid Interaction Studies
    • Constitutive Model Development
    • Specialty Specimen Preparation
    • Customized Testing
    • Brine Mineralogy Insoluble Content
  • RESPEC Facilities:

    • Materials Testing Laboratory
    • Thermal Properties Laboratory
    • Mechanical and Hydrological Properties Laboratory
    • Metrology Laboratory
    • Wet Laboratory
    • Specimen Preparation Shop
    • Core Logging Laboratory
    • Core Storage

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Global leaders in geoscience and engineering with comprehensive integrated technology solutions for safety, productivity, and peak efficiency.
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Technical Support for SDDOT’s Pile Load Testing Program

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Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Roof Hazard Rating System

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