RESPEC’s drill and blast team has spent a significant amount of time traveling the globe to work with surface and underground mining operations and construction projects with the goal to improve safety, accuracy, efficiency, and profitability. The first step in helping any drill and blast operation, regardless of application, is to understand its baseline practices, and there is no better way to do that than to visually observe the operation and collect data from drill and blast instrumentation tools and survey equipment.

Our whitepaper on Drilling Inaccuracy shares best practices we've learned from years of experience on drilling and blasting projects and answers:

  • What is Drilling Inaccuracy?
  • What are the Negative Effects of Drilling Inaccuracy?
  • What are the Causes of Drilling Inaccuracy?
  • How Can You Quantify Drilling Accuracy?
  • What are the Most Accurate Drill and Blast Survey Tools?

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RESPEC’s blastFeeder™ is a geospatial database management tool that reports and tracks every blast by capturing data in the field and syncing to the Cloud.
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