RESPEC Foundation

At RESPEC, we live and breathe our core values of Passion, Accountability, Caring, and Teamwork. We call these values our PACT, and they are the guiding principles in which we interact with the world, from our professional lives to our local communities. From these principles, we established the basis for the RESPEC Foundation. Employee-led and funded, the RESPEC Foundation is driven by a single goal—make an imPACT.

Rooted in a steadfast commitment to community impact and social responsibility, the RESPEC Foundation aspires to be a powerful force for positive change in the communities where RESPEC professionals reside and serve. To accomplish this, we focus on initiatives that amplify accessible STEM-based education, local giving, and community outreach and volunteering.

Our Vision

Making a difference through the empowerment of RESPEC Community Professionals.

Our Mission

Creating a sustainable impact in the communities we live in and serve through our charitable contributions, employee-owner volunteers, and innovative partnerships.


We are on a mission to pave the way for aspiring students wanting to enter STEM careers. How do we accomplish this? Through endowed scholarship funds that let students pursue their dreams in STEM-based education. With contributions from RESPEC and our employee-owners, our scholarship fund will work to open the doors for college students.

Investing in academic pursuits alleviates barriers, allowing students to focus on learning, growing, and ultimately becoming catalysts for change in STEM.

students and mentors doing a science lab

Earth Science Education

Understanding environmental intricacies isn’t just an academic pursuit but an investment in stewardship and future discoveries. In partnership with the South Dakota Space Grant Consortium, the RESPEC Foundation seeks to develop an earth science curriculum that explores the state geology and mineral resources within South Dakota and associated career paths and opportunities. Activities will be implemented through existing after-school programs at South and North Middle Schools in Rapid City, South Dakota.

By sparking early interest, we hope to create generations of inquisitive minds passionate about exploring, protecting, and innovating a sustainable world.

Local Giving

Giving isn’t one-size-fits-all. With locations all over North America, our RESPEC offices actively support their local communities through our framework of charitable donations. By contributing to causes that resonate with the specific needs of each office region, we look to make a meaningful change on the ground. This approach ensures that our giving reflects the unique character and requirements of the communities where we work and live.

RESPEC volunteer group at Salvation Army

Paid Volunteering

Positive change begins with individual action. Beyond our professional duties, RESPEC’s paid volunteering underscores our belief in actively contributing to societal well-being. As part of our commitment to community engagement, full-time employees receive 8 paid hours to volunteer at organizations that focus on STEM, foodbanks/clothing drives, and environmental programs. Supporting our staff in giving back to causes close to them promotes a sense of purpose that transcends the workplace.