Leadership Development Program Completes First Year

In 2017, RESPEC established a leadership development program. The objective of the program is to develop company talent using a collaborative approach. The program is held over a 12-month period covering areas critical to managing and sustaining the overall company. Along with building an understanding of what it takes to sustain the enterprise, the program also focuses on building relationships across our diverse businesses and geographies. Common with our clients that work with those professionals they know and trust, the leadership program builds relationships across the company strengthening the foundation of trust essential to effective delivery of integrated services.

Congratulations to the following individuals for their participation in the inaugural RESPEC Leadership Program; Jay Nopola, Nathan Rouse, Fernando Weber, Russell Persyn, Josh Morin, Linda Vigil, Patrick Wieck, Jared Oswald, and Randy Bigbie.

During the year, the program participants also work on an initiative of strategic importance to the company. The 2017 participants looked at various programs related to strengthening the corporate culture. Specifically, work-life balance, employee ownership, and employee wellness. Their recommendations will be brought to the Board and company management for review and adoption.

By building our understanding of RESPEC’s enterprise needs, we will foster stronger relationship improving our ability to work as a seamless cohesive team for the ultimate benefit of our clients.

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