The success of your healthcare facility depends on functional, long-term reliability in the facility’s systems. Healthcare facilities must also be configured so that communication and interaction within the facility are as efficient as possible. RESPEC recognizes that these aspects are critical to a facility’s success, and we put immense efforts into our client and end-user communication to ensure that we exceed expectations.

RESPEC’s multidisciplinary engineering team can lead your project design, whether that design involves new construction, additions, or renovations to existing healthcare facilities. Our project experience includes hospitals, outpatient facilities, and remote clinics. By using our agile design approach, especially for renovations, we provide phased construction to maintain occupancy in areas such as emergency departments. We also specialize in seismic evaluation and retrofitting the seismic restraints that are critical to healthcare facilities.

We are experts in the codes, standards, and regulations that are necessary for designing and constructing healthcare facilities. Our specialized experience includes operating rooms; emergency rooms; imaging equipment; laundry facilities; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems; and essential electrical systems.

Our goal throughout the design and construction processes is to foster a trusting and long-lasting relationship with the parties involved on the project through communication and collaboration. This practice has proven to be successful in our extensive experience and project history with healthcare clients.

Our team is ready to bring your healthcare facility needs to reality on your next project.

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