RESPEC’s team of infrastructure engineers have proven experience and capabilities in anticipating and resolving the unique challenges of healthcare renovation projects. We design solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing facilities and systems; enhance performance, reliability, and maintainability; and accommodate future growth and technological advancements.

We provide expert assessments of existing structures and systems to propose solutions that balance innovation with efficiency. Through rigorous code analysis and site evaluations, we ensure that a facility’s expected use and occupancy align with all of the current code requirements. Life-cycle cost analyses, energy modeling, and other established tools are used to provide key data for energy efficiency and cost-saving opportunities. RESPEC is proficient with incorporating owner-selected equipment into feasibility analyses and designs.

To reduce service interruptions in an industry that functions 24/7, RESPEC works closely with our project partners and our client’s team to mitigate operational risks. We collectively develop a plan that outlines scheduling, safe routes, staging, and barrier construction as well as dust control, infection control, and service interruptions.

RESPEC provides a dedicated team that takes ownership of the needs and goals of our clients. Our unparalleled experience with healthcare renovation projects of various sizes delivers an on-time completion of the Scope of Work that is within budget and provides our clients with peace of mind.

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RESPEC Technologies

RESPEC utilizes a variety of cutting edge technologies to enhance project delivery and add value to the final product. These tools can give our clients a more holistic view of their project than ever before possible, when compared to traditional methodologies.

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