Asset Retirement & Reclamation

To ensure the proper estimation of the Asset Retirement Obligation, RESPEC’s professional team fully grasps the mining operation, including site reclamation. We know that the process also requires understanding the regulations that limit or define the final reclamation plan and that these regulations may be imposed by federal, state, and/or local agencies. Multiple agencies also commonly have jurisdiction over the same mine. Our partners benefit from RESPEC’s in-depth knowledge of the full mine life-cycle process. We consider factors such as current mine configurations, operational methods and costs, postmining land-use requirements, closure requirements, water monitoring and treatment, and bond-release requirements.

Since 1985, RESPEC’s services have resulted in the reclamation of thousands of acres of Abandoned Mine Land (AML) sites throughout the US. We have received multiple national reclamation awards based on our cutting-edge approaches and designs from the US Department of the Interior, Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement Division. Our services in reclamation, remediation, construction management, project management, permitting, engineering, design, and regulatory compliance are integral elements of RESPEC’s cost-saving and successful engineering program.