Resource & Reserve Estimation & Reporting

RESPEC has conducted resource estimations on global deposits while focusing on database validation, geostatistical analysis, block modeling, and interactive geological modeling. Our professionals are qualified in various commodities and know regulatory standards such as JORC, NI 43-101, and SEC SK-1300. Our 3D modeling services include solid, grid, and hybrid models. We also offer block modeling with geostatistical analyses, including variography, kriging, and simulation. Outcomes include resource estimation and classification, uncertainty quantification, and other geostatistically derived results.

We assist clients in exploration management, underground and open-pit development, and continued advancement in understanding the geological and geotechnical data of current operations.

We have completed multiple reserve evaluations for surface and underground mining operations. Whether our team is block modeling the overburden geochemistry for identifying toxic strata in a surface coal mine or complex Carlin-type gold deposit in Nevada, we facilitate client decision-making with clear data that are easy to understand.