Groundwater Management

RESPEC provides expertise in groundwater and reservoir fate and transport modeling, hydraulic test design, and implementation and interpretation. Our team is experienced in siting, designing, and installing disposal and injection wells and completing hydrogeologic services for mines and storage caverns. RESPEC has a global reputation for being unsurpassed in expertise and work related to mine inflows for evaporite mines that lead to extending the life of mine.

We also perform data management, data interpretation, and data modeling services. We routinely work with large-volume datasets compiled by operations that are spatially and temporally complex to make operational decisions guided by the data. Our engineers have a long history of demonstrating our capability to analyze and interpret any complex dataset. We have experience in univariate and multivariate statistics, spatial statistics, signal processing, machine learning, wavelet analysis, dimension reduction analysis, and spatial-temporal and 2D/3D visualization methods. Our goal is to extract as much useful information as possible out of any dataset.