Mine Design, Planning, & Optimization

Operational excellence is a key driver in determining a mine’s profitability, and RESPEC’s team of engineers with extensive operational experience is perfect for assisting our clients in achieving that goal. Our expertise in mine operations provides an in-depth, objective view and, when coupled with our clients’ on-site knowledge, provides the perfect combination to success. Through site visits and detailed discussions with mine management and operations personnel, our engineers can efficiently determine the strengths and weaknesses of an operation. Working closely with the mine management, all facets of operations are reviewed, considered, and analyzed to ensure that a practical, actionable improvement plan is developed. We firmly believe that every operation can maximize its profitability and reach its full potential, and we are the perfect partner to assist our clients in achieving that potential.

For Permitting Work

With a long history of assisting mining companies in obtaining necessary permits, RESPEC is well-versed in local regulatory requirements in other countries, and we always integrate permitting requirements into the planning process. RESPEC professionals possess significant operational experience in management and thoroughly understand the importance of equipment selection.

RESPEC has a proven track record of working with regulatory agencies as diverse as the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and state regulatory agencies to ensure that mine plans are optimized to minimize environmental impacts.