Mainline Track

The RESPEC transportation team offers unparalleled expertise in planning, design, and construction management for mainline-track rail projects.

Our transportation engineers form a multidisciplinary team of professionals who work together to tackle our clients’ most complex challenges. RESPEC has in-house experts in planning, infrastructure design, environmental, geotechnical, and survey services, and we collaborate across disciplines to deliver cost-effective solutions that improve safety and operational efficiency.

Our expertise extends from alignment studies to at-grade and grade-separated crossings, including overpasses and overcrossings, for high- and low-speed rail lines. We conduct numerous field investigations and observe from every angle for the best means and strategies to achieve our clients’ goals. RESPEC’s concepts account for the current and planned use of the surrounding landscape and infrastructure to ensure that our recommendations support long-term feasibility. Our demonstrated experience in working across various geographies, from urban settings to remote locations, enables us to anticipate and efficiently work through environmental hurdles.

The cross-agency knowledge at RESPEC streamlines design and review processes exponentially. Our strategies and designs incorporate unifying codes and standards, such as American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association recommended practices, from the start of the project. We also have experience in coordinating with the agencies that are typically involved in right-of-way projects, from the Department of Transportation to public utility companies. Our transportation team minimizes surprises by ensuring that the right people are at the table at the right time.

Achieve your rail system goals quickly, cost-effectively, and with lower risk by having RESPEC on your team.

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