Message from the CEO on RESPEC’s 55th Anniversary

1969. A year of monumental achievements and cultural milestones. Humanity touched the moon. Music and peace echoed from Woodstock. The seeds of our modern internet were sown with ARPANET. PBS began public broadcasting. It was a year that reshaped history, and amidst it, RESPEC began its own journey.

Today, we mark a significant achievement—the 55th anniversary of RESPEC. On this day, over 5 decades ago, visionaries Paul F. Gnirk, Floyd L. Matthews, Earl R. Hoskins, James E. Russell, William L. Reuter, and Michael B. DeMersseman laid the foundation of what would evolve from a focused nuclear repository research entity into a beacon of multidisciplinary engineering, science, and technological innovation spanning across North America.

Reflecting on our origins and growth, it’s astonishing to see how our company has navigated and thrived through the changing years. The relentless pursuit to tackle the most complex and daunting challenges faced within our industry is best represented through the Impossible “R” in our logo. It embodies our spirit and philosophy of PACT—Passion, Accountability, Caring, and Teamwork—which has been the bedrock of our success, and continues to inspire us to always rethink the impossible.

As we stand on the shoulders of giants, looking back to where we began, I can’t help but be filled with immense pride and gratitude. Pride in what we have achieved together. And gratitude for the dedication, innovation, and spirit our employee-owners bring to RESPEC.

Being an employee-owner at RESPEC is about being a part of a family that values contribution, promotes innovation, and celebrates success together. Our energy and passion are the fuel that propels us forward, and I have no doubt that together, we will continue to scale new heights and achieve even greater success in the decades to come.

Thank you for being a part of RESPEC’s journey. Here’s to celebrating past achievements, embracing present opportunities, and anticipating the bright future ahead.

Todd Kenner, CEO

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