Fulcrum Sync for Enterprise

As an innovator for mobile solution software for high-accuracy reporting from the field, RESPEC developed Fulcrum Sync for Enterprise with Fulcrum, which is the industry leader in data collection platforms that enable users to easily build custom apps.  With Fulcrum Sync for Enterprise, your mobile data are collected and synchronized by using constraints that maintain the integrity of your enterprise geodatabase and allow users to view data streaming at near real-time speed.

RESPEC, which has partnered with Fulcrum since 2012,  selected their mobile solution as a starting point based on user ease and elegant form creation.  Envisioning expanded industry possibilities for Fulcrum apps, our team integrated customized synchronization with our location-based web application, mapFeeder, and other custom applications.

Today, RESPEC has incorporated many of Fulcrum’s ongoing improvements and synchronized extended data types  to our software such as multi-selection, address, and electronic signatures. RESPEC has harnessed the power of Fulcrum’s rapid creation of data collection forms while mitigating the costly tradeoffs of rapid form design.  As a result, our new software product ensures that collected data meet enterprise best practice requirements.   By using RESPEC’s Fulcrum Sync for Enterprise on smart devices, mobile teams go paperless and can dramatically improve their field services.


Clients use Fulcrum Sync for Enterprise to:

  • Build custom apps for capturing information in the field.
  • Empower mobile field teams to obtain the best data possible on smart devices.
  • Collect data that meet enterprise best-practice requirements.
  • Improve field services and mobile work flow.
  • Replace paper forms with customizable digital versions.



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