SARA Timeseries Utility

SARA Timeseries Utility supports analysis and management of time-varying environmental data including listing, graphing, computing statistics, computing meteorological data and saving in a WDM or text file.

File formats supported include:

  • WDM
  • HSPF Binary (.hbn)
  • Text files (using the same import scripts as WDMUtil and BASINS)

WDMUtil users will find that most of its functionality is included in this new utility.

Additional features and file formats may be included in the future depending on demand and funding.

Download Instructions:

  1.  First, un-install any version of SARA Timeseries Utility Tool already installed. (Answer Yes if asked whether to remove shared components.)
  2. Download the new installer as .zzz
  3. Change the extension from .zzz to .zip
  4. Unzip to get the installer as .exe
  5. Run the installer .exe
  6. Running installer as Administrator may be required depending on security settings and the chosen install location.

Download SARA TS Utility Tool


AQUA TERRA Consultants (currently RESPEC), Decatur, Georgia developed this software and documentation under the sponsorship and technical direction of the San Antonio River Authority (SARA), LAN, and Atkins. Dr. Sheeba Thomas of SARA is the overall project manager for the development of this tool, Dr. Aarin Teague of SARA provides technical assistance and guidance. Dr. Yu-Chun Su of LAN develops the overall technical concepts and approaches, and conducts tool testing, modeling, and technical directions with Dr. Ka-Leung Lee of LAN. Chad Richards of Atkins helps with data collection and database development of the tool.  Dr. Tong Zhai, Paul Duda, Paul Hummel, Dr. Russell Persyn, and Mark Gray of RESPEC made up the software development team for this effort.

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SARA Water Quality Modeling Tools Disclaimer

The suite of Water Quality (WQ) Modeling Tools developed by the San Antonio River Authority (SARA) includes the WQ Modeling Standards, The Timeseries Utility Tool (TUT), The Load Reduction Tool (LRT), The Enhanced Best Management Practices (BMP) Tool and associated BMP Tool Database,  the Simulation Manager, and the BMP Processor/Reporter Tool.  These tools are provided as a courtesy by the San Antonio River Authority, in order to help SARA stakeholders and the general communities better evaluate WQ conditions and select/evaluate BMPs and Low Impact Development (LID).  The San Antonio River Authority does not represent or warrant that these tools are appropriate or will work properly for any specific project.  Use of the SARA Tools is at your own risk, and you agree that you will hold SARA and its tool development consultant team harmless from any losses you suffer related to the use of the SARA Tools.  Any modification or reuse of the SARA WQ Modeling Tools will require prior written permission from SARA.